Founding protocol of the association "Hand in Hand for Uganda"

On 20.04.2009, 15 people came together in the restaurant "Zum alten Wirt" in Obermenzing (Munich) to decide on the foundation of the Association "Hand in Hand for Uganda".

1. Mr. Thomas Langsch welcomed the attendees and explained why the association "Hand in Hand for Uganda" should be founded on this evening. Mr. Langsch briefly explained the necessary steps that are needed for the formal establishment of an association.

Mr. Thomas Langsch was unanimously elected chairman by acclamation and Mr. Stefan Maly was also unanimously elected as secretary of the minutes by acclamation. Both accepted the election.

2. The chairman of the meeting then proposed the following agenda:

  1. Election of the chairman of the meeting and the secretary (already done)
  2. Setting the agenda
  3. Determination of membership fees
  4. Discussion about the foundation and statutes of the Association
  5. Adoption of the statutes of Association
  6. Decision on the foundation of the Association
  7. Election of the Board of Directors, the secretary and the auditor
  8. Other

By acclamation, this agenda was adopted unanimously.

3. After a short discussion, the membership fees were unanimously fixed as follows:

  • Regular members pay an annual fee of € 50.
  • Persons up to the age of 25, as well as the second family member in the case of families, pay an annual contribution of € 25.
  • In the case of families, the third and each additional member pays an annual contribution of € 10.
  • If you join the Association within the second half of a calendar year, only half of the annual fee will be charged in that year according to the above agreement.

4. Mr. Thomas Langsch first explained the motivation for founding his own association with the tasks of §2 of the statutes.
These are in particular:

  • An association is in a much better position to promote the already existing projects and to tackle new projects in comparison to the previous situation when two private individuals, Renate Blank and Thomas Langsch, were acting.
  • Through an association, its membership fees and the donations collected within the framework of the association, it is easier to ensure a continuous flow of money.
  • As soon as the Association has succeeded in being recognized as a non-profit organization, it is able to issue donation receipts. This would not be possible as private individuals.

Afterwards, the statutes of the Association were read aloud, discussed, supplemented with a few points and printed.

5. The statutes were unanimously adopted by the founding members present. This was documented
by the signatures of all on the last page of the statutes.

6. There was a vote to approve the Association´s foundation in line the statutes. All 15 attendees unanimously approved the foundation.

7. Ms. Renate Blank and Mr. Thomas Langsch were proposed for the election of the Board of Directors. The election was made by a show of hands.

  • Mr. Thomas Langsch was elected by a show of hands with 11 votes, 3 votes against and 1 abstention for 4 years (2009 - 2013) as 1st chairman.
  • Mrs. Renate Blank was elected by a show of hands with 14 votes and 1 abstention for 4 years (2009 - 2013) as 2nd chairwoman.
  • Mrs. Katharina Seifert was elected secretary for 2009 by a show of hands with 14 votes and 1 abstention.
  • Mrs. Wiltrud Buchner-Maly was elected auditor for 2009 by a show of hands with 14 votes in favor and 1 abstention.

8a. As a working group for the preparation of a website of the association "Hand in Hand for Uganda the following members were proposed:

  • Mr. Johannes Langsch
  • Mr. David Henne
  • Mr. Stefan Maly

Within the next 14 days, they will first reserve a domain for the Association at the lowest possible cost and submit a proposal for the appearance of the website to the board.

8b. Thomas Langsch and Mrs. Renate Blank briefly reported on the beginnings of the work for Uganda. Through personal acquaintances and connections of the association "Freundeskreis Uganda e.V.", the opportunity arose to support a group of committed people in Uganda, who in turn have carried out and supervised a number of projects. Subsequently, further projects have been carried out independently for more than eight years now or are still ongoing (see next item). These activities are to be pursued further by the Association "Hand in Hand for Uganda".

8c. Some of the projects that already exist are:

  • Water supply
  • Solar Facilities
  • Various Shops
  • Tuition fees and medical care

9. The following points were decided as the next steps of the Association:

  • Register the Association as a registered association (e.V.)
  • Obtaining the non-profit status
  • Open an account for the Association
  • Create flyers and a website to promote donations and attract further members

As soon as this point is reached, the board will convene the next general meeting and inform the members. The membership fees will then be charged in accordance with the statutes.

The chairman of the meeting closed the meeting on 20.04.2009 at 10:05 p.m.